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Life in Luggage is an up and coming Non-Profit Theatrical Organization producing GREASE in Manhattan this winter. We are doing what we can to spread the word (because Grease is the word, right?) about this fantastic production and every little bit helps!

I’ll be playing Marty alongside a cast of phenomenally talented individuals for what is sure to be an amazing show.

Just liking, sharing, reblogging is enough and we appreciate any endless support in advance!


Dominic Zicari is an up and coming writer and director in Manhattan who recently directed Heathers’ Anthony Crivello, Elle McLemore and Michelle Duffy in a reading of his own work back in June. Now, he has launched a non-profit organization to produce not only his own work, but other great pieces as well. He will be directing a cast of incredibly talented individuals this winter in GREASE. Please like his Facebook page in support of this wonderful production. He is being supported by all of the HEATHERS team as well so send some good vibes his way by liking, reblogging and sharing!!